What’s you’re company culture?

As the author of the article below suggests, it's often hard to define a company's culture. But it shouldn't be. You should be able to ask anyone in the company what the culture of the company is and get a reasonable response. For small startups this will be easier as values, beliefs and behaviours can and generally are shared more easily. But what about larger medium sized companies, or even enterprises? Well as I said, one should be able to ask any person in the the organisation and get a reasonable response. This may not be the same response every time, but all the responses should at least be aligned around a common narrative. And here's the crux of it. A company's culture succeeds or fails on how well it's values and behaviours are cascaded and shared through the business. What do I mean by this? Well it starts with the execs. If you are a CEO of a company you have the responsibility to ensure that you model and promote your values and behaviours to your staff. Most notably your direct reports. It's also your job to ensure that they do the same to eachother as well. They are to share and promote your narrative with oneanother, and then cascade it down to their reports. Hiring the right people will greatly affect how easy this will be. Those reports should share those values amongst their counterparts, and cascade to their reports. And so the share/ cascade process goes on, until it touches everyone in the organisation. This probably sounds over simplified - which it is. How you share and communicate ideas ideas to a large group of disperate, different and often geographically separated people warrants a whole article in and of itself. However don't dismiss the core principles of effective demonstration and cascading of your values and beliefs. Now as you do this you may find that the implementation of your culture may be different as you move through the organisation. And this will increasingly be the case the larger the business. That's ok, as long as the behaviours on display align with your central narrative. Indeed you will inevitably find that the culture of the business will start to influenced to a large degree from the ground up. The trick is to keep the central narrative alive and on track by demonstrating and cascading your core values, beliefs and behaviours. The article below inspired me to write this, so hope you enjoy :) http://www.inc.com/young-entrepreneur-council/can-you-really-define-your-culture-what-i-ve-learned-as-our-company-grows.html